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DRUMMERS UNITE ! We had a great time checking out all the new protoype's from SABIAN CYMBAL'S and talking drums. The winner of the Fierce Crash is John Callahan. Thanks everybody.
Photo: DRUMMERS UNITE ! We had a great time checking out all the new protoype's  from SABIAN CYMBAL'S and talking drums. The winner of the Fierce Crash is John Callahan. Thanks everybody.


AN EVENING WITH ROBERT GODIN ! Come and spend an evening with one of the guitar world's most prolific and imaginative guiter designers. Find out what to look for in your next guitar and take an inside look at some of Godin's latest creations. Bring your Norman, Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie, Godin guitar and Robert will sign the back of the headstock.TUESDAY JUNE 12, 2012 , Time To Laugh Comedy Club. Great Evening, Great Passion, Great Guitars! Robert's son Simon came as well. We had a packed house over 150 in attendance !

HORACIO "EL NEGRO" HERNANDEZ - PEARL DRUM CLINIC MAY 2012 "EL NEGRO" Hernandez was said to be the most talented & innovative percussionist in the world even before being awarded a Grammy in 1997. Whether performing with jazz-legends like McCoy Tyler or Michel Camilo, rockstars like Carlos Santana and Stevie Winwood or in notable Latin American ensembles like the Tropi-Jazz All Stars of the late Tito Puente, "El Negro" has shown himself to be one of the most forceful and versitile musicians in the internatuional music scene today. www.elnegro.com Good turnout. WOW what feel and Passion !

JAMES TYLER Variax Guitar Clinic. Tuesday, February 28,2012. 1095 Princess St. Kingston, Ont. (instore). We had over 20 people and a lot of information.LINE 6 - GREAT PRODUCT!!!

DrumCraft Drum Clinic featuring Scott Pellegrom, October 24th, 2011- Scott has absorbed decades-old drumset traditions: he plays with bare hands, sticks, and various striking implements and travereses the entire drum head for sweet spots. What other drummers talk about is the way Scott's cool grooves make use of sounds, airy and earthy, that others haven't explored. Part of the facination is playful use of cymbals, wherin he causes them to wash and exclaim as part of the musical flow. www.scottpellegrom.com WOW what a show. We had over 40 people out that had a great time !

Korg Kronos keyboard clinic with Steve Knowles Sept 1, 2011. What a great show and imformation on this amazing workstation.

PEARL DRUM CLINIC with Jimmy DeGrasso June 13th 2011. DeGrasso has performed with Megadeth, Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, White Lion, Suicidal Tendencies, Y&T, F5 and more. We're pleased to bring Jimmy back to Kingston. June 13th, 2011. We had over 50 people out to see this great clinic. Drummers unite!!

JENNIFER BATTEN in CLINIC Tuesday Nov. 23rd, 2010. MARSHALL - DIGITECH - WASHBURN Jennifer is is currently touring the world with her new multimedia film/music show. She's coming to Canada ! Check out www.jenniferbatten.com wow !!! GREAT PLAYING ! Jennifer rocked the place. Great Turn Out. What a Pro.

AN EVENING WITH ROBERT GODIN Nov. 8 2010. One of the guitar world's most prolific and imaginative guitar designers. I can't think of another company on Godin's scale that offers so many truly well made instruments. We got to take an inside look at some of Godin's latest creations. He has great passion. WE HAD OVER 150 IN ATTENDANCE.

PEARL DRUM CLINIC - TODD SUCHERMAN Sept 21, 2009 Todd started playing when he was 6 yrs old in Chicago with his brothers. He plays with STYX and many other artists. Live - Recording - Instructional DVD's and much more. Check out www.toddsucherman.com website for more info. Todd put an exellent clinic showing his playing styles and info on Live , recording and practicing. We had a good turn out of over100.

Robert Godin (Seagull Guitars 25 Years) June 10 2008. Legendary and innovative guitar builder Robert Godin shares his expertise, passion and infectious enthusiasm about the ins & outs of guitar building and the instruments he is proud to put his name on.ROBERT GODIN WOW !! What an evening. Over 100 in attendance. If you haven't tried a Godin guitar, you should !!

DIGITECH CLINIC featuring MARC COOPER May 6 2008( guitarist, author, clinician ). Marc has played and recorded with many artists in North America and around the world and published instructional books since the early 80's. Marc is originally from Toronto and he did Digitech clinics in Kingston in the late 80's and early 90's. For those who saw him then come out and say hello and for all of us come and enjoy an evening of his talent and knowledge. DIGITECH - ( + Vocal Harmonizer ) MARSHALL AMPS - HAGSTROM GUITARS

PEARL DRUM CLINIC featuring ANGE E. CURCIO, from Montreal. NOV 13, 2007

Ange has played with may different artists from OF STAINTS AND SINNERS, COREY HART, BON JOVI, JONAS, GEEZER of BLACK SABBATH, CELINE DION, STUDIO DRUMMER EXTRAORDINAIRE, MONTREAL DRUMFEST and MORE. . Ange did a great job with info on recording and getting hired for Gigs. We had over 100 in attendance. Check out his Bio ww.myspace.com/angecurcio

AMP TONE and GUITAR PICKUP SEMINAR with JOHN GAMACHE (Centre Stage Guitar technician) June 13th, 2007. www.cntrstgmusic.com/repairs

Tube, Solid State, and Hybrid Amps, Humbucker, Single coil , and Peizio Pickups. We had over 30 in attendace (at the store). With John's knowledge and passion it was very informative and enjoyable. You too can customize your guitar and amp tone!! GIVE JOHN A CALL

RECORDING SEMINAR with ERIC BARAGAR (Engineer & Producer)May 16,2007 "BigBMusic"www3.sympatico.ca/eric.baragar

The seminar was great and informative, with 40 in attendance (at the store). Eric is a wealth of knowledge, and has passion for recording. He's been recording from the late 60's to present. We talked about tape, digital recording and software. Computer, external boxes, controllers and a mix of of all. MIDI, USB, Firewire interfaces and much more.

PEARL DRUM CLINIC featuring FLO MOUNIER Nov 15, 2006

Wherever Flo has played, his reputation remains the same; he combines great chops with blistering speed and technical brutality. Add this to an open mind approach that embraces different musical genres, and Flo has developed an even greater ability to enhance the creative edge within his unique phrasing. FLO did a GREAT Clinic. It was an awsome evening. We had over 130 in attendance. Rock on FLO!!

JENNIFER BATTEN Clinic July 13, 2006

We had a great turn out and Jennifer rocked the house !!! Guitar wizard Jennifer Batten has played with Micheal Jackson, Jeff Beck, Carmine Appice, Sara Hickman, Tribal Rage and Natalie Cole to name a few in artists. Jennifer plays many different styles and techniques. She also does clinics at GIT in California.


PEARL DRUM CLINIC featuring Robby Ameen Nov 15 2005

Robby did a great job. We all learned something about Latin & Cuban music. We had over 120 in attendance. Check Robby's website out. Thank you PEARL !


TAYE DRUM CLINIC featuring David Langguth
May 10, 2005

The Clinic was great, David did a phenomenal job.He really ripped it up. If you get a chance to hear David play DO IT ! We had over 120 attendance. Kherson's opening segment was also excellent. Taye Drums have a " GREAT SOUND".

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